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As we stand at the threshold of a new millennium, it is time to learn our lessons from the past, empower the present and envision the future. There has been an information explosion and children today face the task of absorbing and retaining enormous data in their tender minds. With so much exciting information at our fingertips, knowledge is no longer bound by the limits of the school curriculum. If teaching skills are enhanced and learning becomes interesting, there will be a tremendous surge in the capabilities of our children – beyond the edges of our imagination. And if the input of information is important so is the generation of an attitude to life. Our children need to be more than good citizens; they need to become good leaders. They need to have more than good morals. Our children need to be honest in their lives-to face the truth and live the truth. They need more than healthy, energetic bodies/they need to be energetic in thought. To be able to face the challenges our children must be taught courage. They must be given a vision. They must know and respect themselves if they are to know or respect the world they inhabit. They must be made responsible, creative, inspired individuals if they are to contribute meaningfully to their society. Our school is ready to face these challenges head on with a carefully crafted concept and approach which combines scholastic achievement with many co-curricular activities that will explore varied facets of a child’s personality. Our school will replace the concept of “Homework” with “Schoolwork” so that parents are relieved from hours of teaching at home. Our school will have the opportunity to explore and realize their talents and strengths. And they will be encouraged to expect nothing but excellence from themselves – in academics and in life. To us educated persons are those who chose wisely and courageously, under any circumstances, wisdom over foolishness, good over bad, and virtue over vulgarity. “…those who manage well the circumstances they encounter day-by-day; and those who can judge situations appropriately as they arise and rarely miss any suitable course-of-action…are educated, possessed of all virtues.” - Socrates We impart a true broad-based education that prepares the students for life, without loosing their areas of specialization and competence.

From the Director's Desk :

A warm welcome to Holy Angels' School , a pioneer in the field of quality school education in English Medium at Katwa since 2007. At Holy Angels' School, our endeavour is to provide the children with proper ambience, opportunities and proper infrastructure to make each child explore the different avenues of their choices to establish themselves as a leader and a winner in his or her own field. Our main objectives are to impart education ethically, inculcate good moral values, stimulate latent intellect of the young enthusiasts. We emphasise on implementing modern teaching methodology to assist the pupils with easy learning and practising them in their day-to-day life. With the able guidance and support of the teachers, co-operation of the parents, state of the art infrastructure, modern teaching pedagogy and value based education. Every child at HOLY ANGELS' SCHOOL is expected to establish himself in his own choice of field with flying colours and to have a bright future ahead.
With regards,
Partha Protim Chanda
Shyamal Banerjee
Saubhik Mukhopadhyay
Pulak Bhowal
Rupesh Kumar Agarwal

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